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Medical Trials of The Saints

This series includes both mixed media/oil paintings (using Old Master-inspired methods/materials) and photography (in dialog with the photo collage/watercolor techniques of Victorian women), taking religious memes from classical art history and re-imagining them in a diseased, posthuman context. In a truly metamodern way, these images are meant to be simultaneously reverent and horrific, to both compel and repel, and in so doing to reflect the complexity of our relationships with our environments, our faiths, and ourselves. Each piece represents months of work both in the studio and in the library, with dedicated research into the syncretic/memetic history of the saints, deities, or archetypes represented.

Cthulhu Lies

The Hypermobility Project

One of MANDEM's members lives with the genetic disorder Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), which causes disabling failure of connective tissue. As a conglomerate we deal with this painful reality with full-throttled aestheticism. The Hypermobility series recenters disability as a form of beauty via a signature reclamation of the classical realist tradition of figure painting. Using only studio models with connective tissue disorders, the series captures moments where joints hyperextend or dislocate and the body moves into broken-seeming, impossible configurations. Technique-oriented mixed media/oil paintings over thick, scarred textile surfaces explode the line between medical documentation and art. For more updates, work-in-progress images, or just to share this project by itself, visit The Hypermobility Project.

Archetypes: A Wish That I...

This series was originally released as "A Wish That I May Come Amongst You," a limited-edition artist book comprised of prints on cotton fiber paper, presented in a hand-decorated wooden box and accompanied by a short film on DVD, available exclusively through the Dayton Visual Arts Center's inaugural CSA(rt) program. This first series of prints revolved around the different archetypal fairy-tale narratives surrounding children and childbirth. Currently the series is being slowly expanded to include new sets with other sets of fairy-tale/mythological types, starting with a series of heroes.

Other Recent Work


MANDEM (MFA, Studio Art) - Painting, Assemblage/Collage, Film, Sculpture, Book-Making. With an academic background in mythology, critical theory, and gender/queer studies, MANDEM works across media and materials, intentionally destabilizing genre in terms of content and media. MANDEM's work has been widely exhibited and published. As Maize Arendsee, MANDEM can be found teaching university-level art classes and presenting original art historical research at academic conferences.